Marifat E Hazrat Fatima Zehra (AS)
Sunday, November 02, 2003
Majalis Marifat 4
Moulana Hujjatul Islam Muntazir Mahdi
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Todays topic is different from the other day’s program. I will be presenting a majalis to you today.

The topic is Marifat of Allah I wish to include this in my topic for the majalis today.

إِنَّ هَذَا كَانَ لَكُمْ جَزَاء وَكَانَ سَعْيُكُم مَّشْكُورًا {22}

[Pickthal 76:22] (And it will be said unto them): Lo! this is a reward for you. Your endeavour (upon earth) hath found acceptance

Hazrat E Zehra (AS) and her son Imam Hasan and Hussain (AS) and Imam Ali (AS) are the topic of this ayat. This ayat came in their praise.

وَجَزَاهُم بِمَا صَبَرُوا جَنَّةً وَحَرِيرًا {12}

[Pickthal 76:12] And hath awarded them for all that they endured, a Garden and silk attire;
[Pooya/Ali Commentary 76:12]
Aqa Mahdi Puya says:
The heavenly bliss here and in other places has been described to give an idea to man in his own imagery. In fact man will reach the height of his dignity in paradise with reference to his nearness to Allah. See commentary of Rad: 15

Five people Hazrat E Zehra, her two sons, her husband and including janab E Fizza kept roza and this ayat was revealed. For the entire month of Ramazan iftar was made ready and at the time of iftar a miskeen came and the iftar was given to him. This continued for three days in sequence wherein they broke fast with only water. Allah states that he made certain arrangements in jannah for these people as a reward. Then a description of the arrangements made in jannah are given. Then at the end it is stated that all these things oh Ahle-bait are for you as a reward for the actions they had just performed. In addition for the efforts (koshish) you have done Allah is thankful. For those who have brought iman there are numerous ayats that describe their rewards. Now unless the deeds or actions are accepted there is no chance of entering jannah.

وَاتْلُ عَلَيْهِمْ نَبَأَ ابْنَيْ آدَمَ بِالْحَقِّ إِذْ قَرَّبَا قُرْبَانًا فَتُقُبِّلَ مِن أَحَدِهِمَا وَلَمْ يُتَقَبَّلْ مِنَ الآخَرِ قَالَ لَأَقْتُلَنَّكَ قَالَ إِنَّمَا يَتَقَبَّلُ اللّهُ مِنَ الْمُتَّقِينَ {27}

[Pickthal 5:27] But recite unto them with truth the tale of the two sons of Adam, how they offered each a sacrifice, and it was accepted from the one of them and it was not accepted from the other. (The one) said: I will surely kill thee. (The other) answered: Allah accepteth only from those who ward off (evil).

Allah accepts these deeds only from the muttakheen. This proves that no one on this earth is able to state that they will go to jannah for sure as Allah has accepted their deeds. If you are sure that Allah has accepted your deeds then you would be put in Jannah. However you do not know what level of jannah is set aside for you. This is because there are many other momins who deserve jannah as well. Thus there are two issues one is that whether deeds are accepted or not and what level you will get. It is only the ahle-baith wherein not only has Allah stated that their deeds are accepted but they also have inherited jannah and have the highest station there.
As your recognition of Allah increases then your heart improves and your intelligence improves. Thus intellect’s food is marifat and marifat increases intellect due to the impact of marifat of Allah on your heart. When one reaches the stage wherein there is nobody between you and Allah then you understand the sentences of Imam Ali (AS) I have not done ibadat due to greed for jannah or due to fear of hell but due to marifat of Allah. Those who have doubts whether or not they will get jannah then they will do ibadat with jannah in mind whereas those who have inherited jannah do not do ibadat with jannah in mind.
Hazrat E Zehra prepared the food for breaking fast. The minute someone called for alms all of the food was given to the person seeking alms. Zehra (AS) did not ask any of the other people who shared in the food. This proves that all these hearts are the same and in a similar fashion when Imam Ali (AS) is using the zulfiqaar in battle then it is as though the heart of these other three is also present in battle. It should now be remembered that Janab E Fizza was also included. This reminds us that if following and loving Janaab E Zehra raised the position of janab e fizza to the same level of reward as that for Janab E Zehra and speaks of her also in this ayat. Janab E Fizza always tried to copy Janab E Zehra. For example when Prophet Mohammed started to leave then Janab E Zehra had arranged iftaar. The next day when he was to leave then Imam Hasan did the same. The next day Imam Hussain did the same. On the next day Janab E Fizza asked the Prophet to stay for iftaar. When the Prophet arrived for iftaar neither Janab e Zehra, nor Imam Hasan nor Imam Hussain or Imam Ali were prepared for this iftaar. The Prophet indicated that he came on the invitation of Janab E Fizza. On looking for her they found her praying and asking Allah to keep the honor of the slave of his favorite slave (Janab E Zehra). Soon thereafter bounteous food came down from heaven.
Once a sahabi asked Janab E Fizza regarding whether or not she would go to jannah she replied that do you not see that I am living in heaven right now.
Janab E Zehra is also called as the mother of the Prophet by the Prophet himself. Now how is this possible and what does it mean? Definitely there is a special meaning that the Prophet is trying to convey. What does Oom in Arabic? Oom means mother and Abu means father. The dictionary states that the thing that is the reason for the saving or creation of something else that is abu. Oom in Arabic means the foundation.
Law la kul

Hadees E Khudsi I would not have created the universe but for you Prophet Mohammed. Now the reason for the creation of the Universe (ab ) is Prophet Mohammed. If Ali did not exist we would not have created you oh Prophet. If Fatima did not exist we would not have created either of you. Now remember that Oom means the foundation or the main reason. This is why Janab E Zehra is the mother of the Prophet.
When Gibrael asked who is under the chador. Allah should have stated that this is Prophet Mohammed his daughter, son-in-law and grandsons. Allah instead stated that it is Fatima, her father, her sons and her husband. This shows that she is the foundation. Now he said all these are Fatima (plural) and not that it is Fatima (singular) thus in the eyes of Allah all under the chador were equivalent. Now you should realize the position of Hazrat E Fatima Zehra.
The Prophet always stood up for Fatima Zehra this is because he knew her position and knew that she is the reason for her creation. Further he made her sit in his place and remained standing as long as she was sitting.
There is hadees in Sahi Bukhari that he would always make Fatima Zehra sit down at his house and remained standing. Now search for the house of the Prophet. Remember that it is at least as close as the distance of two arches in meraj. Once you have done meraj then you realize the position of the house of the Prophet. Once you realize the position of the house of the Prophet then you realize the position of Fatima Zehra. The position of Zehra is the same as that of the Prophet and of the Imam.
In the aghoosh of Hazrat E Zehra 11 imams grew up. When the last Imam comes and leads the prayer then a representative of all the Prophets (Prophet Jesus) will come and pray behind him. When he does sajdah he represents Moses, Nooh, Adam and all the Prophets. Now consider the namaaz e jamaat, where the forehead of Prophet Isa rests is right behind the feet of the last Imam. This should tell you the position of Fatima Zehra. Where the ismat of the son of Zehra ends the position of the Son of Mary starts.

The Prophet stated clearly that whosoever harms her harms me. Not even a few days had passed since the death of the Prophet that Bibi Zehra was sitting in her hujra was crying for her father. There was a knocking on the door and a loud voice asked her to keep it down and not cry as much except at a certain time. She would take her two sons and sit in jannat ul baqi and cry loudly. Jannat ul baqi was outside the city at that time. When all three cried together then they would do a majalis for the Prophet. Her door and wall was destroyed and she was shahid in between the wall and the door. She stated umm e salma please look after my children and feed them first before you tell them of my death. She then went into the hujra and did tasbeeh and the bibi would know that she is dead once the sound of the tasbeeh fell quiet. When the sound ceased she saw the children come into the house she asked them to come and have dinner. The children stated they never had food without their mother. They ran into their mother’s room and found her. Then Moula Ali (AS) came to the house and with difficulty separated the children from their mother. Camphor that had come from jannah for the Prophet was used by Imam Ali after the ghusl. Bibi Zainab had requested that she be buried quietly in the night. Imam Ali then told all the women to say good bye to Janab E Zehra. Then Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain said goodbye.

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